Tin Plating

Tin plating is a white silvery deposit that is used for corrosion resistance, solderability and as an anti-tarnish coating. Tin is a non-toxic metal and because of that, has been used extensively in the food industry. We are all familiar with “tin cans”, which are actually made out of tin plated steel. Tin is also used extensively to plate copper pieces to prevent tarnishing.

At Surface Coatings, we plate BRIGHT ACID TIN. We do both rack and small lot barrel plating of bright acid tin. Our competitive advantage in rack plating comes from the fact that we use an automatic rack plating machine for our tin plating. This allows us to handle large quantities of precision parts that normally could not be barrel plated.

At Surface Coatings, we have tin plated steel, stainless steel (for shielding purposes), copper, brass and aluminum. We have also tin plated test coupons that are used in “tin whisker” studies for the electronics industry.


  • Refrigeration valves
  • Medical devices
  • Electric transmission equipment
  • Household water treatment equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Electronic equipment

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