About Us


Surface Coatings was established in 1973 to perform Precision chromium plating on ferrous and non-ferrous metal components. In January 1976 Surface Coatings was purchased by Westwell Industries, Inc. Over the years different processes were added to suit customer demand, most notably electroless nickel in 1978. In a continuing effort to expand facilities and processes Cannon and Brown was purchased in 1983. Then, in 1988 a strategic decision was made to streamline the business by combining the two plants into one; only processes that were suitable for optimum quality and production were retained. The result of this optimization has been a significant payoff for the company and its customers. In June 1999, Superior Industries was purchased and renamed Surface Coatings LLC.  The  10,000 sq. ft. facility enabled us to continue to provide decorative chrome and zinc plating for our existing and new customers.


The employees of Surface Coatings offer a high level of skill and vast experience. We are fortunate to have had little turnover over the years which provides our customers with consistency, as well as the ability to handle the most demanding jobs with confidence. This depth of experience uniquely qualifies Surface Coatings LLC as a supplier of some of the best values in plating today.

Quality Control:

At Surface Coatings, we know that our reputation is determined by the work we do. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our long list of satisfied customers. They know they can trust us to provide them with consistent quality year after year.


We keep our promises. It’s that simple. Our size and experience puts us in the best position to serve you. We will handle your job with unrivaled efficiency. Call us with your requirements. You’ll find a responsive company that produces the highest quality at reasonable prices-delivered on time. While keeping our promises, we also offer special services to make doing business with us very agreeable.


Surface Coating maintains a plant devoted to the processes listed in this website. We have an automatic rack plating line, a semi-automatic hoist line and hand rack lines. This arrangement allows for high production and very low waste, resulting in a quick turnaround time for you.

Looking Out For The Environment:

Over the past several years, concern for the environment has increased dramatically. The standards set by the state and local agencies have forever changed the plating industry. In the future even stricter regulations will require better pollution control equipment. Surface Coatings meets all current regulations and is continually upgrading a pollution control system that anticipates future regulations.

Understanding Your Needs:

Surface Coatings has earned a reputation for solving difficult plating problems. If your material requires the highest quality finish, or if you have stringent tolerances or a particular plating problem, please call us, we’ll do our best to provide you with the absolute best.


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